The Botnia Line

Design concept for short span bridges for high-speed railroad in Sweden

Dissing Weitling E 3721 bro Västansjövägen

Dissing+Weitling’s solution secures consistency in the design for short span bridges for a 190-kilometres high speed railroad between Nyland and Umeå in Northern Sweden.

  • Sweden
    Road Bridges and Tunnels
    2000 - 2010
  • Client
    Swedish Railroads, Banverket
  • It is designed as a kit of components comprising structural elements as well as bridge equipment including parapets, noise barriers and light fittings. The system can be adapted to rural as well as urban conditions and is very flexible with a span range from 33 to 63 metres.

  • Dissing Weitling Botniabanen by night photo credit Leif Vikberg
    Photo by Leif Vikberg.
  • Dissing+Weitling and COWI won the international competition launched by the Swedish railroads, Banverket in 2000.

  • Dissing Weitling Botniabanen over vand