Tuborg Harbour Park

Modern residential architecture in harmony with our design heritage

Dissing+Weitling, Tuborg Harbour Park, overall frontal

Tuborg Harbour Park is an example of how we at Dissing+Weitling work with our design heritage in a modern housing project.

  • Hellerup, Denmark
    2004 - 2008
  • Client
    Tuborg i/s by Carlsberg Ejendomme and NCC Construction Denmark
    34,000 m²
    Årets Byggeri, Byggeri magazine, 2008
  • The style and quality of Tuborg Harbour Park hark back to the firm’s heritage from Arne Jacobsen’s functionalistic architecture, and this was rewarded with the title Årets Byggeri (construction project of the year) after construction in 2008:

    “[...] Arne Jacobsen’s heirs, Dissing+Weitling, further developed the layers in one of Danish functionalism’s finest pieces; Arne Jacobsen’s 1934 residential building, Bella Vista in Klampenborg. And they have added the modern, incorporating time and place to make Tuborg Havnepark a new masterpiece of Danish housing architecture. [...] "

    – Byggeri magazine

  • Dissing+Weitling, Tuborg Habour Park, facade
  • Detail and a whole

    The canal houses and park houses were designed with focus on balancing the outer and the inner. The 214 flats have an optimal influx of light, carefully harmonised materials, spacious balconies and views over the water and park through large windows and outdoor areas.

    The buildings are staggered with the same effect as Arne Jacobsen achieved in Bella Vista: the possibility of corner windows out to the balconies, resulting in good light and a feeling of the outdoors being drawn into the home. Details like large doors and Arne Jacobsen’s door handles are part of the carefully designed construction.