Copenhagen University Library, South Campus

Library for learning and sharing

Dissing+Weitling, Copenhagen University Library, facade

Dissing+Weitling’s university library is for learning and sharing, and it serves as a work environment for students.

  • Copenhagen, Denmark
    Workspaces and Educations
    1994 - 2008
  • Client
    Ministry of Culture / The Royal Library
    Rambøll / Mikkelsen Arkitekter / Sven Kierkegaard
    G-Mark, Good Design Award in 2001
    13,300 m²
  • The architecture provides a tranquil atmosphere for contemplation, as well as meeting points for various purposes.

    Architecture for various purposes

    Copenhagen University Library consists of study facilities as well as the Danish Royal Library’s archives. This means it has a multilateral purpose, with the library playing a significant role in creating a creative student milieu – something we underline in the building’s transparent, user-friendly and welcoming design.

    The cubist architecture fits naturally into the monolithic surroundings, reflected in the lively facade. The inside and outside accompany each other and present a functional and aesthetic environment.

  • Dissing+Weitling, Copenhagen University Library, interior light
  • Flexible use

    The library also contains of a café and lounge area and student workplaces are situated in three levels located around a central atrium filled with natural light. There are flexible rooms for larger groups working together, as well as rooms for quiet and concentrated work. The architectural construction creates an overview of the building, optimal lighting and a holistic expression optimised for students, guests and library staff.

    The building contains climate-regulated storage units to protect the cultural heritage. We created all of the interior design especially for the library.

  • Dissing+Weitling, Copenahgen University Library, interior